Real SoundCloud Promotion (Basic Feature)

Real SoundCloud Promotion (Basic Feature)


This real SoundCloud promotion basic feature package is designed for artists and musicians looking to reach a specific goal or reach for their SoundCloud song from a targeted audience. When you order this service your SoundCloud song will be featured on an independent music blog (serving a real audience) who will get the conversation started about your record. This feature will then be shared with our community on Twitter via a professional Twitter shout-out. As an added bonus we will also share your SoundCloud song with 1500 of our indie music fans subscribed to a genre similar to yours for better results.

Package Includes:

- we promote until you reach 2,500 new real plays
- you will gain new likes, comments and shares
- your song will be featured on Juss Russ Radio
- we will blast your song via email to 1500 music fans
- you will get a shout out from our Twitter page
- we guarantee USA plays and engagement
- you will receive a report upon completion via email
- delivery time takes 4 to 7 days
- you will receive plays and traffic daily

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