Viral SoundCloud Promotion

Viral SoundCloud Promotion

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Viral SoundCloud Promotion is ultimately the most effective way to expose your new song to real people and listeners on SoundCloud. This campaign is designed for polished artists who believe they have a top ranking sound. Our clients who choose this package enjoy knowing their goal is reached within 90 days or less. You get real plays from real people, song reviews, campaign management, stats reports and more. All listens are from listeners within the U.S. The type of campaigns that tend to reach their goal the quickest or earlier than the projected time frame tend to be songs that are trending or (remakes, remixes and freestyles) to popular industry titles. If you are an artist looking to reach a goal higher than the ones listed we will need to create a customized package for you as well as consult with you before purchasing to determine if the song your submitting is fit for a package with a more aggressive approach. In terms of what you can expect (and projected daily plays) you can calculate your minimum daily plays by taking your “goal” and dividing it by 90) which is the max number of days you must give us to reach your goal.


  • all goals are reached within 90 days or less

  • all plays are acquired organically (real people)

  • comes with 24/7 campaign support

  • you will get periodic reports on your songs progress

  • great for cover songs and remakes of popular titles

  • great for organic exposure and real feedback

  • we target plays but you get all types of engagement

  • you can verify organic results with a PRO unlimited account

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