Buy SoundCloud Premier Monetization

Buy SoundCloud Premier Monetization


When your purchase this service we will work with your page to get it to meet the eligibility requirements to be approved for SoundCloud Premier Monetization. SoundCloud approves only the best artists for their monetization program that allows artists to earn royalties for ever stream they gain. Posting music on SoundCloud for free was a way of the past. Today you can be a part of the SoundCloud Premier Monetization program and not only get paid for your streams but you can also distribute your music through SoundCloud as well. Similar to that of a TuneCore or DistroKid set up, SoundCloud Premier Monetization will separate you from the competition. Before purchasing please make sure you meet the following requirements:

  1. Don’t purchase if you have any copyright strikes

  2. Don’t purchase if your page is less than 30 days old

  3. Don’t purchase if you don’t own the copyrights

  4. Don’t purchase unless your willing to wait up to 90 Days

  5. Most pages meet the requirements in 45 Days or less

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