Music Marketing Management Services

Music Marketing Management Services

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In 2019 hiring a music marketing manager can easily be the most effective new tool you add to your repertoire this year. Here at Artist Sounds we are changing the game for both independent musicians and emerging mainstream music brands by taking the costs and burden of hiring a full time marketing manager (who’s salary can exceed $80,000 a year) and giving our customers access to professional management at an affordable price. Whether your goal is to increase streams or effectively grow your music brand this service brings a strategic approach to your overall game plan. When you order this service you will receive access to your own personal Music Marketing Manager who will assist you with developing and implementing a plan designed to meet your overall goals and needs as an entertainer. First you would have already selected your budget to get started. Within 24 hours you will be contacted by a member of our staff who will work with you to build a relationship allowing them to not only mentor you but also implement customized packages and services we offer designed to take your brand and your music to the next level. Below we have listed just a few of the things we tend to focus on with our clients who opt-in to this service. This service works best with artists who are looking to be more involved in the business and analytical side of their careers. You’ll get guidance from a specialist by phone and the best part is — you and your marketing assistant set your call times and schedules. Speak once a week or once a day, it’s all about how much you want to be involved.

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- brand management
- artist verification
- successful song promotion campaigns
- successful video promotion campaigns
- successful product promotion campaigns
- monetizing your music
- creating merchandise
- monetizing that merchandise
- digitally distributing your music
- acquiring a professional store front
- studying trends for data driven results
- gain expertise from an industry professional
- build up your following
- get heard and seen by real people
- license and copyright your music
- weekly phone consultations and planning


Q. What happens after I pay?

A. You will receive an email

Q. What is in the email?

A. Payment confirmation and Package Details

Q. Then What?

A. You are assigned a manager

Q. How long does that take?

A. This takes just 48 hours

Q. Okay then what?

A. Phone consultation is scheduled

Q. What happens on the phone?

A. You and your manager talk strategy

Q. What happens after we talk strategy

A. You talk about your short & long term goals and decide how to implement the budget

Q. Then what happens after that?

A. We start working towards those goals you and your manager agreed to focus on

Q. Are those the goals mentioned above?

A. Depending on where the artist is at in their career we fill the void of what's missing from your current strategy and start effectively building your fan base and growing your brand

Q. How long do I get to work with you?

A. Service continues indefinitely until your budget has been depleted. Your manager will discuss pricing breakdowns for custom packages and other services we offer you may want to use to reach one of your goals.