Soundcloud Professional Promotion

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Soundcloud Professional Promotion


This package was designed with the professional artist in mind. Once you are sure that you have reached a point where you have created a high quality song that is ready for feedback from real listeners choose this package to get your first initial boost. We promote your song until you reach between 500 and 1000 new Soundcloud plays. We use email blasts to expose your new song to our subscribers. We then use text based software to notify our network via text message about your song and encourage them to leave feedback via comments. We often repost songs our staff likes to our 10,000 plus followers on Soundcloud which leads to around 3000 more listens in many cases.

Package Details:

  • we promote until you reach 500 - 1000 plays
  • we email blast your song to 1,500 subscribers
  • we submit your song to 2 music blogs
  • majority campaigns reach goal within 72 hours
  • song added to music blogs within 48 hours
  • song email blast sent out within 24 hours
  • report sent once your campaign is complete
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When you elect to use Artist Sounds for your Soundcloud Promotion needs you can rest assured that your getting real plays each and every time. By using your Soundcloud PRO Unlimited account you can check your weekly, monthly and yearly statistics covering analytics from 'top websites, top countries and top cities' that are tuned in to your Soundcloud songs. Get in front of a real live audience when you submit your Soundcloud song to our music blog.

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Getting your Soundcloud song promoted through a music blog is a great opportunity to get your story told. It presents your new Soundcloud song in an engaging way by not only introducing new listeners to your song but it helps listeners learn more about your mission, reason for making music and where else they can find your latest songs. 

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Impress new music fans and even record label examples when they search for your top songs. It is important to build your artist resume on top search engines like Google because record label executives tend to lean more towards brands and artists they can immerse themselves in and follow their story. A good review of a new song, video or mixtape can go a long way when it comes to impressing a potential fan or business partner.

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Don't put your Soundcloud page in jeopardy buying fake Soundcloud plays, Soundcloud followers, Soundcloud likes or even reposts. Soundcloud can track and see where each listener who visits your pages comes from and if it is a real human listener or bot. You can sign up for a Soundcloud PRO unlimited account to decipher 'real human Soundcloud plays' versus 'fake bot Soundcloud plays.

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