Basic Spinrilla Exposure

Basic Spinrilla Exposure


Submit your Spinrilla Song or Spinrilla Mixtape link and we will use organic promotion strategies to get your Spinrilla upload heard by real people. The major difference between obtaining organic Spinrilla Promotion from us and buying Spinrilla streams, downloads or comments from other companies is the benefits you get from real people finding and liking your content. You actually start to build a brand and get ahead. It’s pretty easy to get a bot to play your mixtape or song but when it comes to getting in front of real people you must utilize real strategies to get their attention. With Artist Sounds every step of the way your Spinrilla mixtape or Spinrilla song is handled by a real person here who has a passion and love for music. As with all of our packages we do the hard work for you. Just like with any label or resource that gets you in front of real people, we can’t force anyone to genuinely like you, but we can get you in front of the people and let your music decide your fate. When you order this service we use the following real strategies to expose your Spinrilla mixtape or song to real people.

Spinrilla Promotion Package Includes:

  • We promote until you reach 500 streams or more

  • You'll receive views, downloads and comments

  • Your mixtape will be shared on social media

  • We will write about your release on our music blog

  • We will email blast your tape to 500+ subscribers

  • You will receive a report upon completion via email

  • Your campaign will reach its goal within 3-4 days

  • Your report on what we have done is sent within 4-7 days

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