Recording Studio Rates

Recording Studio Rates

from 1,500.00

Being located in Las Vegas, Nevada gives us some great opportunities and benefits to extend to artists from all over the country and ultimately the world. Becoming famous for its entertainment and nightlife Las Vegas is a gem and home to several of your favorite celebrities, artists, comedians and athletes. It’s literally where everyday people like me and you come to feel like stars! Just walking down the strip alone or exploring the mall could land you front and center with some of your favorite celebs. Consider visiting and or plan an upcoming trip! When you do, why not get some work done in between enjoying the sites!

Take advantage of an opportunity to record in a state of the art recording studio where the sound is second best to none. By partnering with Artist Sounds we handle the logistics and work with you to schedule the best date and time for your studio session. Some of our packages even include free hotel stay while your here and travel expenses can be included. You can even enjoy a premier package which includes 20 hours of studio time, a photo shoot, video shoot and free album promotion. You can also choose to cover your own travel and stay expenses (saving money). Here’s what’s included with every package:


  • record in a state of the art studio located at ‘The Palms’

  • explore fabulous Las Vegas, NV

  • $1000 budget to use towards Artist Sounds promotion

  • assistance from live Artist Sounds Rep during session

  • 24 hour customer service via email and phone support

  • 2 hours ‘live session’ with Artist Sounds Rep before studio time

Studio Session Length:
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IMPORTANT MUST READ: When you place your order for your studio session with us you will receive a receipt and an additional email confirming your purchase. You will then be contacted by one of our Concierge customer specialists who will then schedule your studio session. If your session includes a photo shoot, music video shoot and travel and hotel expenses included - your accommodations will be set up during this call as well. Also when you order your studio time is valid for 1 full year. This means you can use your time as fast or as slow as you want.



You get Free Promotion

Whatever you record you get to enjoy a $1000 credit towards pushing it!

  1. Not only do you get a $1000 dollars worth of free promotion from Artist Sounds, you will have a professional in the studio with you

  2. When it comes to winning as a musician you need the best content, the best sound and a lifestyle that’s appealing

  3. With this package not only do you get some amazing social media footage you will sound your best and fans get to anticipate

  4. Not sure, what to do when your here in Las Vegas - no problem! You’ll be matched up with an A&R to help you out!

  5. The entire time your working with real people! This makes the entire process much easier and seamless.

  6. Las Vegas is a tourist attraction and doesn’t take much convincing but working on a new project is another reason to visit

  7. By the end of this service your going to leave with either a new project done or at least 3 or more songs to build off of.

  8. Our goal is for you to create a new project of some kind while your here and we get to be a part of it.

  9. Since we do the marketing side it makes for even greater success from our campaigns we are part of the creation process.

  10. We have been doing this for years but have recently decided to open this up to the public! Let’s get to work on your next project.


Studio Name: Studio at the Palms

Studio Location: 4321 W Flamingo Road. Las Vegas, NV 89103

Studio Details: Designed by studio architect Francis Manzella, the 8,000-square-foot recording studio is one of the Palms' best-kept secrets. This multi-million dollar professional studio is a full-service experience where you can work or play 24 hours a day. It's where some of the biggest names in music have recorded their biggest hits.

Studio Specs: Studio X and Studio Y - FYI (Studio X is best for recording artist and Studio Y is best for Bands)



There are countless hotels to choose from in Las Vegas depending on the dates of your visit. Below we have listed the hotels we include in our packages that are marked with ‘hotel stay’. If you are looking to obtain a package where your cover your own hotel and stay expenses here are a few we recommend and links to their website where you can view their rates and availability dates.


Hotel Name: Planet Hollywood

Hotel Location: 3667 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Hotel Website:


Hotel Name: Caesars Palace

Hotel Location: 3570 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Hotel Website:



There are only few options where travel expenses are covered. Please contact us first if you have special accommodations. You will be able to select an airline after you make your purchase and one of our agents will reach out to you to schedule your travel live over the phone.


Airport: McCarran Airport

Location: Downtown Las Vegas




For most of our outdoor photo shoots and for all of our video shoots we enlist Roman Lane. Check out his video real from 2018!. We can’t wait to take your music video experience to the next level and give you a complete experience brought to you by Artist Sounds.