Viral Spotify Promotion

Viral Spotify Promotion

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Viral Spotify Promotion is ultimately the most effective way to expose your new song to real people and listeners on Spotify. When you order this package we will push your song or album using organic methods to get you real streams from real people. When you select a package which features a stream count that stream count acts as your goal. We keep pushing your track or album until the goal is reached. This will allow you to accumulate streams organically and in many cases enough streams to trigger Spotify Algorithms getting your song added to playlists as a result. 95% of artists who order this service reach over 50,000 to 100,000 streams in the first 30 days. Songs that are good and well liked by listeners can even reach up to 1,000,000 streams or more. Our Spotify Viral Promotion service is our most effective package for breaking a new artists in to the mainstream.


  • first off your going to be exposed to real people

  • your campaign is going to start within 72 hours

  • all goals selected are reached within 90 days or less

  • you can break in to popular playlists and go viral with a good song

  • record labels scan these playlists and use it for discovery

  • music curators and taste-makers can discover your song from this

  • you can reach over 1 Million streams on Spotify with this service

  • you can submit multiple tracks or an album and split your traffic

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