Spotify Track Booster (for Rising Stars)

Spotify Track Booster (for Rising Stars)

from 249.99

With this campaign we will push your Spotify track until it reaches your desired goal. We have a network of listeners in many genres who use paid and free streaming services like Spotify to listen to their favorite songs, discover new ones and add them to their playlists. You will get listens and plays from Spotify users around the world who enjoy the style of music you make. We do our best to target listeners based on genre. With this Spotify promotion package you can rest assured that your song will continue to be promoted until it reaches its goal. All goals are reached in 30 days or less. We will also feature your Spotify track on the Juss Russ Radio music blog and the Artist Sounds music blog for added exposure coupled with social media shares to our audiences and email blasts to portions of our community that includes over 100,000 real music fans, record labels, djs, promoters artists and more.

  • your song may get featured on playlists

  • we share your track on social media

  • you’ll get between 2-6 email blasts

  • your song will be featured on our music blog

  • your song will be featured on Juss Russ Radio

  • your will get a report upon completion

  • we promote until your goal is reached

  • all goals reached in 30 days or less

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